BREEDING: on farm mix of Mangalitsa, American Guinea Hog, Berkshire, Hereford, Red Wattle and Gloucestershire Old Spot varieties through generations of crosses.

Selected for lard hog conformation/traits, docile demeanor and grazing tendencies.

Raised on NON-GMO grain grown and milled by Bender Farm of Norlina, NC.

Seasonal grains: barley, sorghum and roasted whole soy beans.

Never given any drugs or conventional worming treatments.

Raised slowly to create marbling and true flavor.

USDA inspected processing: T & E Meats (Harrisonburg, VA)

Our mission is to raise the highest quality pork we can all while providing the highest level of respect to the animal. Vera Luce Farm hogs are born and raised on pasture without the use of farrowing crates. Our hogs spend their days grazing, rooting and foraging. They are given a non-gmo locally grown and milled whole grain feed ration. We process our hogs at T& E Meats in the Shenandoah Valley. Vera Luce Farm pork can be purchased direct from us in Southside Virginia and is also found at Locals Seafood in East Raleigh and select chef driven triangle restaurants.